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Anton Savochka. Business trainer, coach, management consultant, game-based training specialist, facilitator. A trainer for trainers.

★ Certified business trainer [International College of Business-Trainers — ICBT]

★ Certified DiSC model specialist [THOMAS PPA]

★ Certified facilitator in ICA methodology

★ Certified game-based business training specialist [Skolkovo Business School]

★ Doctor of Philosophy academic degree [PhD]

★ Winner of the HR Brand of the year 2017 award


Training for trainers:

Basic knowledge and skills, which will hone your skills or help you become a trainer:

  • Methods of business training,
  • Managing team dynamics,
  • Public speaking
  • Digital tools
  • Emotional intelligence in a trainer’s job
  • Gamification.

These can be comprehensive training programs or separate elements that are included in other training and events to make them more complete, more extensive, and more useful for the participants:


«Management cycle».

This game develops the following skills:

  • Management and staff development
  • Decision making in the conditions of uncertainty
  • Financial management
  • Negotiation
  • Management and business development.

«Spanish mosaic».

A game that develops management skills

Team building games: «Zoom», «Symbols», «Blind communication», and «Vision».

These games develop the following skills:

  • Improve communication within a team
  • Strengthen cross-functional collaboration
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Systems thinking
  • Leadership.

Games that develop emotional intelligence: «Emotional intelligence», «Keys to the world of emotions», «Emotions».

Negotiation games: «Marvel versus DC», «Red and Black», «Captains», «Inhabited island», «Blind and bald».

Situational action games.

Each game can be adapted for a particular situation in the company. Situations can be different. Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to the game to make it more effective in that particular situation.

Executive coaching

For company owners, senior managers, CEO, СOO, CTO, HR directors.

Anton helps leaders and managers to become better at achieving these important goals:

  • Task delegation, to focus on the strategy.
  • Team building, which develops the company.
  • Prioritizing at work, to focus the efforts.
  • Building a quality relationship with teams within the company.
  • Creating a work-life balance and paying attention to all spheres of life.

Management training

Classic training on management, at which managers acquire basic skills.


  • Motivation in management
  • Communication in management
  • Change management

Important aspects of Anton’s work


Anton holds trainings and other educational events in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

He always practices and hones his English: creates programs, prepares materials, and conducts training sessions.

He has trained representatives of 20 nationalities from 8 different countries.

Anton defended his diploma thesis in English.

Gamification of the learning process

Anton can add game elements into training sessions to modify the approach to learning and increase participant engagement.

Nowadays people often visit a training session, take out their laptops or phones, and surf the net instead of learning. That is why sometimes it’s necessary to engage the people with additional methods, by introducing game elements.

When a training includes game elements, people participate in it actively, they remember and comprehend the material. Learning becomes more interesting than surfing the net.

When learning includes game elements, laptops are closed, smartphones are put away, and participants become engaged. That is exactly what Anton achieves by implementing gamification in training.


Anton is ready for business trips to any part of the world.


Anton is always curious about our world, therefore, he studies new things. He plays the «What? Where? When?» game and travels. Anton has read more than 500 books and visited more than 20 countries.

Anton conducts training sessions that focus on the following:

  • Growth mindset
  • Critical  thinking [decision-making in business]
  • Creative thinking [innovation development, creating a new type of mindset]
  • Training for trainers
  • Public speaking  [for senior and middle management]
  • Coach-management [for senior and middle management]: teaching managers to use coaching tools at work
  • Personal effectiveness — Digital style
  • Emotional  intelligence — Digital style
  • Digital tools of a manager [for senior and middle management]
  • Flexible thinking [for senior and middle management]
  • Key management skills [for line and middle management]
  • Situational leadership [for line and middle management]
  • Change management [for senior and middle management]
  • Negotiations [for senior and middle management]
  • Design mindset in business
  • Leadership

He also consults on hybrid or distance learning systems and their formats.

Work experience

Ernst&Young: Senior business consultant, coach [2018-2019]

«Yuria-Pharm» Corporation: Head of the project management school, trainer and consultant on working with managers [2015-2018]

«АХА Insurance»: Corporate business-trainer [2014-2015]

«Platinum Bank»: Staff training and development specialist [2013-2014]

«Kolesnitsa» training center, sales manager, business trainer [2012-2013]

Training projects:

  • Systemic executive coaching at a large international finance, IT, and cosmetics company. Hyalual [Switzerland]
  • Development and implementation of a manager training system for all managerial levels — from senior management to line management, at a large international company.
  • Creation of hybrid education systems [distance and in-person formats] at large international corporations.
  • Modeling of a system that provides training to managers and trainers at a company with branches in CIS countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajikistan.
  • Creation of business processes and competency models for management jobs.
  • Consulting in the areas of corporate strategy and corporate culture for international companies.
  • Facilitation of strategic sessions and business meetings for international companies.

Among clients and projects are representatives of different countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Spain, Armenia (NRG), Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine. Anton also distantly works with a team in Spain. Previously, he worked with teams from Italy and Great Britain.

List of clients

Syngenta [Ukraine]

Miratech [Ukraine]

BOOSTA [Ukaine]

HEDI Group [Great Britain]

Hyalual Institute [Switzerland]

Solar Home [Myanmar]

Graincom Shipping [Denmark]

Malibu [Ukraine-Poland]

Jansen Capital Management [Ukraine]

Anton’s online publications


Anton was invited to an interview by project as an expert to talk about how businesses can utilize knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.


5 lifehacks for trainers, to make the participants put their smartphones away and start listening

Seven skills of highly effective civil servants

Make an idol for yourself. How to find and retain talented employees in the company.


2012 — Defence of candidate dissertation [PhD], Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University.

2004-2009 — Tavrida V. I. Vernadskyi National University, faculty of history.

Additional professional training:

2018 – School of organizational coaching. Business-trainer – Yuriy Kravchenko.

2018 – Coaching tools in management. Business-trainer – Olga Petrova.

2017 – Business process management. Business-trainer – Aleksei Gromyko [BPM]

2017 – ToP facilitation method, methods of running strategy sessions. Business-trainer – Nataliia Karpova

2017 – Change management and project management. Business-trainer – Irina Chernysheva [Change impulse]

2015-2016 – ICBT [International college of business trainers]. Business-trainer – Anna Mogylnik [Golden Staff]

2016 – DISC System [Thomas PPA]. Business-trainer – Yelena Ryzhkova [Jansen Capital Management]

2016 – School of modeling business games. Business-trainer – Aleksei Komarov [Skolkovo Business School]

2013 – «Public speaking 2.0» training. Business-trainer – Radislav Gandapas [Oratorica]

How to start working with Anton

To order an event or consultation by Anton Savochka, choose any convenient way to contact us using the contact page. We will answer your questions, tell you more about Anton, and organize a meeting.