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The essence and design of the corporate training is changing right in front of our eyes and most probably you are already observing it yourself. Business leaders today are looking for the increased effectiveness of the personnel development activities as well as they want to measure its impact on the organisation. 

During our daily hustle, we may have lost sight of the fact that corporate learning has overgrown its traditional performance improvement and professional growth accelerator status, and has converted into an engagement promoting developmental journey. 

We invite you to get on board with our company, our wonderful team, and learn about the value we bring. We would be more than happy to meet with you at the ATD-inspired event and share with you our long-running experience we have accumulated over the years of applying this knowledge into practice. Perhaps this is why many of our European partners call us the Training Ambassadors.

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What will you gain from this event?   

1. You will save time. Instead of the four-day conference in the US, and we are not talking about the travel time, jet lag, and numerous other nuisances, we provide you with the compressed outlines and key findings. Take our materials, and you will get all the most useful stuff from one place, which you can study any time anywhere at your own pace.

2. You will start using them the second you finish reading. You will gain knowledge, proven tools, and global experience you can apply immediately into your business.

3. You will be one, two, three steps ahead of your competition. You will gain a competitive advantage, because the knowledge we bring is in short supply. These are the latest trends of the training and development world. And those who implement them first will have an unbeatable advantage.

Team of trainers

Andrey Stanchenko

Vice-president of the Association of Consultants

Olena Yeliseeva

Business trainer,
business coach,

Nataliya Averina

Business trainer, facilitator, Assessment specialist,

Marina Ivanenko

International business trainer, organizational development consultant, coach

Elena Nikolskaya

Business coach,

Victoria Kravchenko

Partner and certified trainer of Globiana Crossculture Academy in Europe. Author of the study "How Ukrainians integrate into the international business environment" - 2017. Co-author of the guide "Export Step by Step" - 2016.

Tõnis Mutt

Digital Refugee Rewiring Pundit Expat & Executive Coach LinkedIn Whisperer

Natalya Sheremeta

Private Entrepreneur. Chief Wellbeing Officer, Organizational Coach (WIAP), Business Trainer

Alyona Andronikova

CEO Of Moneyveo Ukraine. Founder Of Growth School Business Education School. Practicing Coach. One Of The Most Influential Top Managers In The Field Of Fintech In Ukraine And Europe. Top 25 Female Fintech Leaders In Europe. Awarded The Order Of Queen Anna "Honor Of The Fatherland".

Inna Saxe

Licensed Trainer In The Course UGL — Understanding Group And Leader Created By The Swedish National Defense Academy And In The International Certificate Programme Radical Collaboration.

Svitlana Savchuk

Business trainer, Facilitator, Mediator, Official training partner for European Business Association (EBA)

Julia Kriventsova

Corporate Psychologist, HR Expert, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Facilitator, Business Coach


I honor the complexity and beauty of each personality. As an ICF certified leadership and team performance coach I enjoy working with clients to understand their behaviors better in a variety of workplace environments.

Tetiana Pikhota

Language Expert, Entrepreneur. Leads the teams of 35+ employees in EdTech, AR, VR, High-Fidelity Robotic Simulation (partner of CAE, NASCO, 3B Scientific, SimX etc). 15 years in Business. Based in Montreal, Canada.

Sofia Biletska

Speaker at YBC, Board Business, investment panels. Facilitator (moderator) of large-scale events for IT companies

July 13, 2023 at 3 PM CET


SOFIE HAMMERSKOV. Danish Management and Manufacturing Engineer – specialized in Leadership, Change mangement and organizational empowerment. Experience from production industries, agriculture, service, it, banking and pharma companies.

Using Danish way of Leadership Abroad

How to get the quite uniqe approach working in other countries and cultures?

Summer 2023 (the date will be later)


Andrey Stanchenko. CEO Of NRG, Vice-President Of The Association Of Consultants

Olena Yeliseeva. Business Trainer, Business Coach, Psychotherapist

Nataliya Averina. Business Trainer, Facilitator, Assessment Specialist,

Marina Ivanenko. International Business Trainer, Organizational Development Consultant, Coach

Ambassadors of corporate learning of the future

Trend review of the main annual global annual global training conference ATD-2023

June 28, 2023 at 3 PM CET


Sofia Biletska. Speaker at YBC, Board Business, investment panels. Facilitator (moderator) of large-scale events for IT companies

Scrum framework as a way to build scalable effective company

🔹 Absence of planning — employees do tasks intuitively without plan

🔹 Not clear process of work within company (people do not understand what to do) — people do not have goals

🔹 People are not proactive — they are directed by somebody

May 25, 2023 / 3 PM CET:

NATALIYA STARODUB. Turning Chaos into Order without losing joy. I manage to help overcome crisis and create new systems of any complexity, so that they work without me and provide opportunities for implementation, development and joy for the participants. Love to serve.

Future literacy for business

At the Peace Justice Conference 2023, held in Denmark on May 5-7, my team will gain experience in strategic planning practices based on creating a desirable future that is truly deeply appropriated by the participants and drives the team to fulfillment.

On May 25, I will present you with the main ideas of this approach and give you a small practical part.

April 25, 2023 / 3 PM CET:

Natalya Sheremeta. Private Entrepreneur. Chief Wellbeing Officer, Organizational Coach (WIAP), Business Trainer.

Wellbeing: Key Trends and Ideas on How to Bring It to People

Are you interested in learning about the latest trends and ideas in well-being, resilience and happiness? If so, we invite you to join us for an insightful event by the Chief Wellbeing Officer, who will share their expertise on implementing well-being ideas to support resilience and sustainable growth.

The largest global event focused on happiness and well-being trends, known as WOHASU, recently took place in Italy. Over 30 key experts from around the world shared their experiences, research, and practices to bring happiness, wellbeing, and resilience to people’s lives and business priorities.

Let’s review the key ideas, insights, and practices and openly discuss:

  • what the main priorities should be.
  • where we need to focus our attention.
  • which ideas and steps can help motivate business leaders to make it a priority.
  • influence on efficiency and how to make it as practical as possible for sustainable growth and benefits at different levels.

We invite you to provide a brief overview of the summit’s insights, share experience of wellbeing strategy integration for a big business in Ukraine and engage you for open discussion about practices and ideas that could be truly practical and valuable for each of us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and join the growing movement towards prioritizing well-being in business and life. Register now to secure your spot and let’s work together to build our future!

March 30, 2023 / 3 PM CET:

Tetiana Pikhota. Language Expert, Entrepreneur. Leads the teams of 35+ employees in EdTech, AR, VR, High-Fidelity Robotic Simulation (partner of CAE, NASCO, 3B Scientific, SimX etc). 15 years in Business. Based in Montreal, Canada.

Building Effective Team Culture Online

In this session, we’ll explore the core principles of effective teamwork and provide practical guidance on creating a positive and productive team culture in a virtual environment.

The key topics that we’ll cover in this webinar are as follows:

  • Principles of effective teamwork: We’ll discuss the fundamental principles of effective teamwork and explore their application in a remote work environment.
  • Culture of Safety: Creating a safe and supportive team culture is crucial for building trust and promoting open communication. We’ll share proven strategies for fostering a culture of safety in a virtual setting.
  • Developing Ethical Cultures: Maintaining an ethical culture is essential for promoting integrity and ethical behavior within the team. We’ll examine ways to develop and sustain an ethical culture online.
  • Motivating and Cultivating Meaningful Work: A sense of purpose and meaningful work can enhance team motivation and engagement. We’ll provide guidance on how to cultivate a culture of meaningful work in a virtual setting.
  • Creating Team Culture of Growth: Continuous learning and growth are critical components of a positive team culture. We’ll offer practical advice on how to create a culture of growth and development in a remote work environment.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to build and maintain an effective team culture online. You’ll acquire practical strategies and tools for creating a positive and productive team culture, leading to improved collaboration, communication, and overall team performance.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your team’s culture.

Register now to reserve your spot!

February 27 , 2023 / 3 PM CET:

LEA WEYERMANN LOZAR. «I honor the complexity and beauty of each personality. As an ICF certified leadership and team performance coach I enjoy working with clients to understand their behaviors better in a variety of workplace environments.»

Leading through coaching

The traditional practices, such as command-and-control, expected leaders to have all the answers and be experts on many subject matters. To succeed in today’s uncertain, volatile, and rapidly changing world, this is no longer possible. It urges leaders and managers to adopt to new approaches, skills, mindset, and a new way of being to succeed in their roles. Leaders require much more collaboration and a sustainable approach of putting the people of all levels in the driving seat. Leading though coaching is winning on the popularity due to its effectiveness in empowering and motivating individuals and their teams. It is also fostering a learning culture throughout entire organizations. In this session, you will gain a closer understanding of:

  • What coaching is and what it is not
  • Benefits of a coaching’s culture in organizations
  • Key coaching competencies
  • How to have a powerful coaching conversation
  • Practical coaching models

Are you ready to amplify your abilities to harvest better conversations through coaching?
Join the session to learn more.

January 26, 2023 / 3 PM CET:

Svitlana Savchuk — business trainer, facilitator, mediator, official training partner for European Business Association (EBA)


  1. What is meant by feedback
  2. Neuro-leadership about brain activation when feedback
  3. Ground rules for giving feedback
  4. Art of asking for feedback

Workshop could broaden up the understanding of feedback as a tool, sharpen up the frame of process of giving feedback and open up the minds for ideas of asking for feedback


December 7, 3 PM CET:

Andrey Stanchenko
Practical tools for work with uncertainty.

Marina Ivanenko
Reinventing your management style in changing environment.

Nataliya Averina
How to improve your team’s readiness for changes through the Reinvention?

October 26, 3 PM CET:

Natalya Sheremeta

Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounced back in challenging environment where we living every day and doing business. It is a big difference between resilient leaders and others. What is the key difference? How one people can create in different times and others frustrated and fully stressed?

Three key elements are essential to resilience mindset and create a big difference in our life:

  • Challenges – resilient leaders can create lessons and opportunities from the challenges.
  • Real commitment – resilient leaders have a clear reason to get out of the bed in the morning and achieve their goals.
  • Personal control – resilient leaders can stay focused and act when lots of out of control.

Six domains helps us to train the resilience mindset and stay resilient and human leader in turbulence time. I am inviting to discuss how it`s influence on business results and what challenges up to the point. It helps to create the optimal skills combination for personal leadership in own life and business.

September 28, 3 PM CET:

Tõnis Mutt


  • What is culture competency and why is it currently so important?
  • Who benefits the most from the cross-cultural training? And who does not?
  • Cross-cultural development program cheat sheet
  • A case study — who are they really?
  • Toolbox recommendations

August 30:

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Viktoriya Kravchenko

  • Ukrainian mentality and the world: cultures’ battle VS favorable exchange
  • What do the Ukrainians bring to the world?
  • What helps us become more successful?
  • How do we enrich international teams?
  • What shoud we, the employers, use to resolve intercultural conflicts and why the facilitator might be enough?

Alyona Andronikova

  • Тrust is a key to leadership. Insights from the ATD22 global conference, what is leadership based on, what role does trust play in building more effective teams?
  • How much time and other resources does it require from top management?
  • And what does it actually give to the manager himself?

Next meetings

July 28th

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Marina Ivanenko. International business trainer, organizational development consultant, coach.

Natalia Averina. New realities in T&D sphere: how do we respond?

  • Personalized learning to improve performance: examples of implementation.
  • Tik tok to create a learning culture. 
  • Purpose and meaning at work to wake up personal potential. Possible solutions for HR in this direction.
  • To get a link to participate, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

June 30th meeting:

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Elena Nikolskaya. Business Coach, Psychologist, Consultant

  • Myths and truth about the expectations and engagement of the team
  • Influence on the mindset of the leader
  • What’s wrong with positive change or growth after overcoming challenges?

Olena Yeliseeva. Business Trainer, Business Coach, Psychotherapist

  • Compassionate Leadership. How to do hard things and stay human?
  • Influence Pyramid. Work with Mindset to change Behavior.
  • Learning Pyramid. How to avoid fad and cute technique to focus on what really adds value.

Andrey Stanchenko. CEO Of NRG, Vice-President Of The Association Of Consultants.

8 years of NRG experience in ATD ecosystem

ATD Ambassadors Insights

ATD-book is dedicated to the trends of 2022 and the formation of new norms for employees and organizations that are very relevant now.

Employees have found their voice during the pandemic, which is why it is important for organizations to recognize employee expectations and find ways to incorporate employee needs into the overall corporate culture.

The ATD-book will help develop more vital skills for leaders to take on the challenges of a hybrid workforce.

We will provide a PDF download link during the live stream.

Try to be attending.



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