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The most useful insights from the World Talent Development Conference

May 19, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. European time.

ATD24: Creating A World That Works Better

For 80 years, the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) has hosted conferences to educate and inspire professionals in the talent development field. From the very first conference held in Chicago in 1945 which drew 56 attendees to today’s international event, learning and development professionals have come to expect only the best from ATD conferences.

Our commitment to providing world-class speakers, thought leadership, and unprecedented networking and collaboration opportunities make the ATD International Conference & EXPO the premier event for our field. More than 9,500 professionals from 80+ countries rely on ATD’s annual conference to learn about trends and best practices, discover new tools and solutions at the largest EXPO for training and development practitioners, and share ideas with peers who are committed to helping create a world that works better.

No other L&D conference offers the depth and breadth of programming, EXPO suppliers, and networking that ATD’s international conference offers. Discover it for yourself!


ATD23 is the premier event for you and a great opportunity to dive deep with the best of the best in your field. Whether you’re a new L&D practitioner, a certified TD professional, a team leader, an accidental instructional designer, a chief talent officer, or anything in between, ATD23 is the best place for you to reconnect, recharge, learn, and network!

Every day, talent development professionals help create a world that works better. You unlock aha moments for learners. You design learning experiences to help others level up and unleash their potential. You create learning environments that drive results. Your efforts make a difference in the lives of so many.

Now, it’s time to make a difference in your career. Discover your own aha moments in a world-class environment dedicated to your professional growth. Learn among a vibrant community of L&D professionals from around the world and discover how to make a greater impact back on the job.

Together, we create a world that works better.

Andrey Stanchenko

CEO Of NRG, Vice-President Of The Association Of Consultants

Olena Yeliseeva

Business Trainer, Business Coach, Psychotherapist

Marina Ivanenko

International Business Trainer, Organizational Development Consultant, Coach

Nataliya Averina

Business Trainer, Facilitator, Assessment Specialist, Coach

Natalya Sheremeta

Private Entrepreneur. Chief Wellbeing Officer, Organizational Coach (WIAP), Business Trainer

What will we talk about

Andrey Stanchenko

CEO Of NRG, Vice-President Of The Association Of Consultants

  • Where is the future of Learning & Development?
  • Most important soft and hard skill for modern workplace.
  • What is the Big triangle of ATD -23 content?
  • How to train leaders when power damage their personality.
  • How is better to make segmentation of employees?
  • Who is ego-checker for leader?

Marina Ivanenko

International Business Trainer, Organizational Development Consultant, Coach

Building Career with Purpose and Passion

Our career choices are often quite accidental 

Where is your career sweet spot?

How do you know what’s missing? When is the time to change jobs or to start developing in different direction?

Some of the insightful tips and helpful strategies to choose and develop your career will be reviewed in this presentation.  


Career agility is a necessary skill in a VUCA world. 

We are going to have a glimpse on what career agility is and how you can develop this important skill in current environment. 

This presentation contains very practical steps of the process of career agility development. 

Essential Best Practices for Successfully Managing Hybrid Teams

An insight to hybrid environment. 

How to manage your performance in hybrid teams?

Potential conflicts in hybrid teams – prevention and dealing with it. Positive and assertive way of conflict management in hybrid teams.

How to provide equitable collaboration opportunities for all members of a hybrid team. 

Way to foster frequent and open communication in a team 

Psychological Safety. Inclusion

What is psychological safety and why is it important? Why belonging is so critical for business success?

What is no less important – what psychological safety ISN’T. 

Look at some case studies of risks and consequences when we do not have psychological safety in our teams. 

Discover some practical tips and strategies to build psychological safety.

Olena Yelisieieva

Business Trainer, Business Coach, Psychotherapist

The Power of Perspective: Influence Through Empathy

How to explain, reassure, negotiate, or modify your idea, proposal, or request so that others were more open to suggestion?

1) Anticipate and prepare for issues, objections, and hopes related to your influence objective

2) Demonstrate flexible leadership and influence behaviors for your cohort or team.

3) Apply a process for achieving support from important stakeholders.

One-Night Stand or Lasting Relationship? Neuroscience Hacks for Habits

10 neuroscience-based hacks organized along two neural pathways to help practitioners apply evidence-based strategies to facilitate successful learning transfer and habit-change efforts:

1) Describe the two neural pathways associated with motivation to change and goal setting.

2) Apply a three-step individual change model: enlighten, encourage, and enable.

3) Apply implementation intentions to enhance goal-setting and behavior-change efforts.

Creating a Culture of Accountability, Not Blame

How to learn to address missed expectations, performance gaps, and challenging behaviors effectively and respectfully by implementing a safe conversations communication framework. Convince people to take ownership, find solutions to problems, and make needed changes:

1) Develop dialogue that overcomes resistance while holding people accountable.

2) Learn how to safely address a behavior that hinders individual, team, or organizational success.

3) Identify performance gaps or missed expectations (free from judgement, bias, and opinion).

Leadership and the New Imperative: Improving People’s Psychological Sense

Leaders need the capacity to promote performance without eroding people’s well-being. This new imperative requires a shift in focus and priorities:

1) Learn the scientific rationale for how human flourishing and sustained high performance are interdependent.

2) Explore psychological sense—or people’s ability to fulfill their required psychological needs to thrive and excel.

3) Delve into three empirically proven leadership capacities that improve people’s psychological sense.

Weaving a Psychological Safety Net for Your Learners

How to explore the threads of psychological safety and learn how to weave social and emotional safety into your next learning experience. How to become a facilitator who builds trust to drive learning outcomes:

1) Explore the building blocks of psychological safety in learning experiences.

2) Collect tactics and tools to enhance your facilitation.

Natalia Averina

Business Trainer, Facilitator, Assessment Specialist, Coach

10 Brain Boosters in Online Training

You’ll get many practical tips to improve your online training sessions based on scientific facts about online attention spans and brain power.

– Implement 10 brain boosting activities during online training courses.

– Learn about online teaching, online brainstorming, and online skills training for interactive knowledge sharing.

Science of Executive Leadership: Training That Drives Organizational Results

1: Discover the surprising ways that power changes the brain, influencing decision making and empathy.
2: Evaluate the top concerns of today’s executives and the skills they need to solve complex challenges.
3: Explore examples of successful executive programs that drive measurable results, and walk away with strategies you can implement.

Natalia Sheremeta

Private Entrepreneur. Chief Wellbeing Officer, Organizational Coach (WIAP), Business Trainer

1. Throwing out your business suits: redesigning your high-potential program

The fragility of systems forces businesses to quickly rethink leadership requirements and approaches to evaluating and developing high-potential employees. 

The 4 Leadership Potential Facets

  1. Leadership Promise – Propensity to Lead, Propensity to Lead, Authenticity
  2. Mastery of Complexity – Adaptability – Conceptual Thinking – Navigating Complexity
  3. Development Orientation – Receptivity to Feedback – Learning Agility
  4. Balance of Values and Results – Culture Fit – Passion for Results


Look For The “Will and The Skill”

Personality Profile (Will do) Leadership Skills (Can do)

2. Authentic influence: three keys to attract, retain, grow top talent

3 Keys to Building Better Leaders & Workplaces 

  1. Discover your authentic self
  2. Learn to be adaptable, not artificial
  3. Practice Humility

5 Principles to SCALE Your Influence

  • Social Capital
  • Courage
  • Authenticity
  • Leaning in With Passion
  • Engaging a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Community 

3. Nudging is not nagging, don’t nudge outcomes – nudge behaviors. The concept of nudging helps to ecologically form the optimal design of the business environment.

4.Focus, creativity and innovation – where wellbeing and learning sciences converge.

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