Building collaboration and Trust in Hybrid Teams

The program is designed to help participants maximize their ownership both for collaboration results in hybrid teams and open trustful relationship on a continuous basis. 

It will develop participants’ ability to drive the right initiatives in the organization, to build and maintain positive transparent relationships with their stakeholders, as well as to collaborate effectively across the global matrix and achieve their performance potential, while creating and maintaining a high integrity culture.

Learning outcomes:

  • Dramatically increased awareness and ownership in hybrid teams collaboration and earning trust
  • New skills and strategies in organizational savvy: increased ability to impact others and collaborate effectively, both remote and face-to-face
  • Greater sense of empowerment in taking responsibility for communication results and business performance in a high integrity manner
  • Improved influence, persuasion, and stakeholder management based on the company’s values


1. Collaboration Models in hybrid teams

  • Key components: Corporate values and competencies, Awareness, Proactive skills, Protective skills.
  • Power dynamics in organization /Increase responsibility and ownership for demonstrating corporate competencies and winning behaviors.
  • New perception of the workplace in post-pandemic world.

2. Cohesion as a basis for effective collaboration and building trust

  • Demonstrating and not demonstrating of winning behaviors and company values.
  • Some common derailers in hybrid teams.
  • Key stakeholders expectations. Managing conflicting expectations.

3. Proactive Collaboration Skills

  • “Personality Factors” model in communication and impact. What’s the most frequent reasons for misunderstanding and mistrust.
  • Cultural norms and values in building your collaboration. Leadership style, how the decisions get made, “unwritten rules”, values and taboos, success factors etc.
  • Professional network to engage, influence and collaborate with key stakeholders. Building and Maintaining Strategic Network.
  • Balanced self-promotion and contribution to team’s success.
  • The perception of you in the organization. Tips and tools to manage the right perception of you to earn trust.
  • Stress communication pattern. Costly mistakes when you get too emotional. Zoom fatigue in team collaboration. Strategies for online and offline meetings, conference calls and email for better collaboration.
  • Strategic Language. Creating a “win-win” situation. Learning to say “no”, using an “executive vocabulary”.

4. Protective Skills

  • Derailment factors in organizational collaboration and mistrust issues in teams.
  • Facing the fairness challenge. Behaviors to be aware off. Working with overly political people.
  • Best practices in dealing with political, unethical behavior, neutralizing manipulations and intrigues.
  • Concept of “Winning together” in a high integrity culture.

5. Practicing the Collaboration and building trust skills

  • Participants get to practice all the skills acquired in the course by executing a practical assignment.

6. Wrap up. Conclusions. Personal Development Plans. Feedback.


The programme utilizes multiple methods to engage participants and optimize learning. The methodology is designed to maximize group engagement and interaction and includes: case studies, group discussion, self-reflection and peer feedback, skill practice, video examples and ongoing action planning. All of the skills and strategies are easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, proven and practical.


4 modules by 3 hours online.

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