Business Simulation Game — Strategic Partnership and Decision-Making in a Volatile Environment

EDGES is an immersive experience that delves into the complexities of strategic partnership and decision-making within a dynamic and ever-changing environment. This game places participants in scenarios where they must navigate the intricacies of building alliances, differentiating between partners and competitors, and responding to unmet commitments. It challenges players to choose between aggressive growth and stable development and assesses the value of reputation in their decision-making.

Benefits for Companies

Strategy Development: Companies can use the game to foster strategic thinking and decision-making skills among their teams in a risk-free, simulated environment.

Partner Evaluation: The game provides a platform to evaluate how effectively teams can differentiate between potential partners and competitors, helping companies make informed strategic choices.

Risk Management: By exploring various scenarios and consequences, the game equips teams to better manage risk and adapt to volatile market conditions.

Benefits for Users

Practical Skill Enhancement: Participants have the opportunity to hone their negotiation skills, monitor the context, and make well-informed decisions under dynamic conditions.

Comprehensive Perspective: Users can experience a holistic view of complex market dynamics, allowing them to assess market changes and respond swiftly.

Communication Models: The game enables participants to test various communication models and assess their efficiency in a competitive environment.

Negotiation Skills:
Users can refine their negotiation skills by engaging in partnerships, making commitments, and dealing with challenges that arise during the game.

The game challenges players to make strategic decisions, weighing the pros and cons of different approaches.

Participants learn to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and refine their ability to respond effectively.

The "Business Simulation Game" can be played in both in-person and online settings, each offering distinct advantages:

in person


in person:

High Engagement:
In-person play promotes face-to-face interaction and active engagement, facilitating better communication and collaboration.


Online play is accessible to remote teams worldwide, reducing the need for physical resources and overcoming geographical constraints.

in person:

Immediate Feedback:
Teams can receive immediate feedback, enhancing the learning experience and team dynamics.


Participants can engage in the game at their convenience, allowing for flexible scheduling and accommodating various time zones.

in person:

Real-time Interaction:
Participants can physically gather, fostering an immersive and dynamic learning environment.


Real-time Updates:
The game’s interactive features provide real-time updates, ensuring that participants stay connected and informed.

Both in-person and online versions of the “Business Simulation Game” offer valuable learning experiences, and the choice between the two depends on a company’s specific goals and logistical considerations.

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