ESG Triangulation Game
A decision-making simulation designed to engage participants in the field of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles

The “ESG Triangulation” game is a decision-making simulator designed to engage participants in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Based on real-world case studies, this game challenges players to make management decisions that impact ESG aspects and, subsequently, the business performance of a company. The game consists of three rounds, each focusing on different enterprises, with multiple cases and decision-making scenarios.

Benefits for Companies

Enhanced Understanding of ESG: The game offers a unique opportunity for companies to familiarize their staff with the importance of ESG principles, emphasizing their impact on business performance.

Practice for ESG Decision-Making: It allows companies to train their teams in making decisions aligned with the ESG agenda, preparing them for real-world ESG challenges.

Performance Metrics Analysis: Companies can evaluate the effects of different decisions on key performance metrics, such as investment attractiveness, HR brand, and stakeholder loyalty.

Benefits for Users

Hands-On Learning: Participants gain practical experience in managing ESG aspects and understanding the complexities and interconnectedness of E, S, and G.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Users sharpen their decision-making skills by considering the consequences of their choices and the trade-offs between E, S, and G metrics.

Engagement and Collaboration: The game fosters engagement and collaboration among participants, promoting a deeper understanding of ESG principles.

Participants refine their decision-making skills in the context of ESG, learning to balance environmental, social, and governance considerations.

Analytical Thinking:
Players develop analytical thinking as they assess the impacts of their decisions on various ESG parameters.

Communication and Collaboration:
The game encourages teamwork and communication, as participants work together to optimize ESG outcomes.

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