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Why does your company need coaching?

The essence of coaching is setting goals and achieving them. At the same time, coaching can be supplemented with psychotherapy to help a person correctly form these goals. After all, it is impossible to move towards a goal that does not exist. And it is very difficult to move towards a goal that is actually not very interesting for a person — imposed by other people or circumstances.

One of the tasks of coaching for an employee of your company is to help him include inactive resources and focus on important moments in working on himself and the processes in the company for which he is responsible.

Coaching is aimed at developing the future. It allows you to look at life and the state of things in a different way, to realize your desires, needs and values. Helps to get rid of blocks and barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. Teaches to make decisions that change a person’s environment and thinking.

Coaching helps you become a leader. Thanks to coaching, a locomotive person will appear in your company to achieve goals. Moreover, these goals will be interesting not only to the company, but also to him.

When the people in the company develop, the business develops along with them. This is exactly what coaching does.

Who benefits from coaching?


To the first persons of the company


TOP managers


To the managers




Groups (departments, departments)

Why business coaching is ordered from NRG?

The NRG company is the only provider of corporate training in Ukraine, which provides complex and multi-channel services — offline and online, in mixed and micro formats. And also individually.

With us, client companies create development trajectories for managers and employees with training and non-training tools.

The team includes TOP business trainers, consultants, facilitators, coaches, game technicians, speakers, psychotherapists and the creative team of the educational and methodological hub.

We maintain flexibility in the choice of tools and achieve results because we rely on practical experience and trends of foreign markets. This is especially important now, when the world is changing every day.

They turn to us when they need to find a solution to a unique task of a business or an individual.

When necessary, we use non-standard solutions so that the client receives the best possible result.

NRG coaches

Andrii Stanchenko

Elena Eliseeva

Olena Nikolska

Marina Ivanenko

Anton Savochka

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