Crucial Conversations and Non-Violent Communication skills

Learning Objectives:

  • Raise awareness on personal strengths and limitations in communication and relationship management.

  • Practice difficult conversation tools and Non-Violent Communication processes.

  • Develop ways to become a better leader through developing communication skills

In program:

1. Crucial conversations: high stakes, different views, strong emotions. Silence/Violence path and 6 styles under stress:

  1. Masking
  2. Avoiding
  3. Withdrawing
  4. Controlling
  5. Labeling
  6. Attacking

“Figure Out Which Patterns You Use Under Stress” self-assessment exercise

2. Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

Brief lecturette on Non-Violent Communication approach and skills:

Two parts of NVC process:

  1. Self-expression, without criticism
  2. Empathic listening

“Emotional cards” empathic listening exercise in trios, debrief in a big group

4 steps of NVC process:

  1. To make OBSERVATIONS, not judgments
  2. To express FEELINGS, not thoughts
  3. To understand NEEDS, not strategies
  4. To make REQUESTS, not demands
  5. Practice of Non-Violent Communication in small groups, based on the real cases, under the trainer’s supervision
  6. Role-play and group debrief

3. Difficult feedback: how to give and receive

  • “4 chairs” technique, based on NVC skills
  • Demo by the trainer
  • Practice in small groups

4. Wrap up of the training session

  • How to put new skills to practice? Kaizen mini-habits system
  • Peer coaching exercise and making individual development plans

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