Unlock the Power of Data Storytelling for Business Success
Interactive and informative presentation webinar
September 26, 2023 at 15:00 CET

In today's data-driven business world, the ability to convey insights effectively is a skill that sets exceptional professionals apart.

Join our one-hour Engaging, interactive and informative presentation webinar, "Unlock the Power of Data Storytelling for Business Success," where you'll embark on a journey to become a compelling data storyteller.

What are we going to talk about?

The Art of Data Storytelling: Discover what data storytelling is and why it's essential in modern business. Learn how to transform raw data into a compelling narrative that drives decision-making.

Data Visualization Essentials: Explore the power of data visualization in storytelling. Uncover the most effective chart types, tools, and techniques to present data for maximum impact.

Crafting Your Data Narrative: Understand the structure of a compelling data story. Learn how to choose the right narrative arc, incorporate context, and create a clear and concise message.

Engaging Your Audience: Master the art of engaging your audience through storytelling. Explore techniques to make complex data accessible and relatable to a wide range of stakeholders.

Who are invited to attend:

  • - HR and L&D
  • - Business Analysts
  • - Data Scientists
  • - Marketing Professionals
  • - Managers and Executives
  • - Anyone interested in mastering the power of data for business success

Who is the Speaker

Olha Bershadska

A consultant (communication, cross-cultural communication, L&D) and Public Speaking coach.

Human Centered Design (since 2020)

Methodologist, Trainer for Mentors, Trainer for Implementing partners (NGOs) for UPSHIFT-Ukraine, the program which is designed to build transferable skills and create opportunities for vulnerable adolescents through Human-Centered Design workshops, Mentorship & Coaching and funding by UNICEF

Training (since 2015)

content: cross-cultural communication, HCD, public speaking, effective writing, storytelling, creativity

organizations: UNICEF, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, East Europe Foundation, IFES Ukraine - International Electoral Systems Foundation; EU Project for Civil Society Development in Ukraine, TOGETHER

Facilitating (since 2018)

purpose: formation of internal policy of the organization, clarification of the organization's values, strategic planning, proactivity and responsibility of members of the organization

organizations: East Europe Foundation, IFES Ukraine - International Electoral Systems Foundation; EU Project for Civil Society Development in Ukraine, TOGETHER

Coaching and Mentoring (since 2018))

  • Project All4One: psychological and mentoring support for veterans implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation in partnership with LifeLine Ukraine, supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine. July 2019 – March 2020
  • Project to support teachers of displaced universities implemented by NGO Higher and the Saxon Center for Higher School Didactics with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany
  • Private practice

Trainer of Trainers (since 2015)

Topics: competence approach, course design, assessment, engaging students, group dynamics, facilitating learning process, academic integrity

organizations: NaUKMA, NGO Higher, IFES Ukraine, IREX, OBSE, SAIUP and various educational events

Trainer of Facilitators (since 2020)

International Facilitator School

Training on Online Education

Training for Online trainers for OEAD cooperation office in Ukraine (December 2020- March 2021)

Training for Online facilitators for NGO Vyshche (Gohigher.org) (September- December)

Teaching in Formal Education (2002-2022)

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Courses: Academic Writing for MP; Intercultural Communication; English For Interpersonal Professions; Public Speaking in International Context; English for Mass Media; English for Specific Purpose (law, economics, social sciences)

Online course design

Consultant on Digital education for UNICEF-Ukraine (2021-2022)