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Business-coach, consultant, psychologist NRG (NewRealGoal)

Expert of special technologies in communication and negotiations, emotional management, training and development of personnel. 


  • Certified counseling psychologist, the course of integrative psychology and psychotherapy (Institute of Integrative Psychology and Psychotherapy);
  • Certified master in breathing practices;
  • Hogan Certified Consultant – world leader in evaluation for the selection and development of personnel.

Specialization: business trainings, individual and group counseling, personnel assessment.

Implemented projects: 

  • Development and implementation of the training project for psychologists-rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for EURO 2012;
  • Development and implementation of the project of mediated sales for medications through increasing the doctors’ loyalty to the pharmaceutical organization;
  • Development and implementation of a corporate training project for special technologies in the negotiation process (FMCG);
  • Creation of a project of the company’s training department, development training programs in conjunction with Middle-Management, which is part of this department (Collection).
  • Development and implementation of training programs «Negotiations for Buyers. Special Technologies», «Customer Care Management», «Ethno-Psychological Features of the Countries Participating in EURO 2012»; «What are Faces Silent About?», «Screaming Nonverbal Cues», «Lie-Detection», «Negotiations. Basic Level», «Effective Negotiations», «One in the Field Is Not a Warrior, But a Tourist» (teambuilding), «Features and Technologies of Adult Learning and Effective Feedback», «Human Resource Management: Planning, Organization of Workflow and Control», «Human Resource Management: Personnel Motivation and Delegation of Tasks», «Human Resource Management: the Conflicts’ Nature, Work With Resistance», «Training of Trainers» (for heads of relationships managers), «Human Resource Management: Development of Management Skills», «Effective Manipulation», «Negotiations With Aggressive Clients», «Effective communication» (call-center), «Stress Management».

Other events:

  • Work-shop « Effective Negotiations. Special Technologies» (FozzyGroup);
  • Work-shop «Inside Energy – Where to Take and Where to Put » (Arselor);
  • Work-shop «Guest Standards: Monetization of Interaction» (All-Ukrainian Hotel Forum);
  • Work-shop «What are Faces Silent About: Understanding Others Without Words»
  • Art-training «Goals Navigator»
  • Speech at the 1st uPipe Talks Conference «Resilience in the VUCA-World» (Interpipe)


  • Gratitude for the assistance and active participation in the development of the hotel business in Ukraine (October, 2016 г.)

Professional education:

  • 2016-2017 гг. – Mini-MBA Professional, specialization « Human Resource Management » (Moscow, e-learning program). Certified for 12 courses
  • 2005-2010 гг., Military Institute Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, military-humanitarian faculty, specialty “military psychology”.

Additional professional education:

  • Internship in forensic psychology on the basis of the Psychological Research Laboratory of the Kyiv City Center of Forensic Psychiatric Examination, 2009.
  • Advanced training of special technologies in communications, the Special Training Center, Moscow, 2011.
  • Advanced training in individual and group psychological counseling at the courses: integrative and transpersonal psychology, positive and family psychotherapy, perinatal psychology, the basis of psychosomatics, art therapy and psychology of creativity, Tatiana Dugelnaya, Yana Borokhta, Larisa Popova, Kiev, 2011-2012
  • Advanced training and development of a holistic system of practical techniques for working with psychosomatic disorders in individual and group counseling. Tatiana Dugelnaya, Kiev, 2012.
  • English (Intermediate Level), Grade educational center officinal partner of University of Cambridge ESOL Examination in Ukraine, Kiev, 2014
  • Professional Speaker Course, Training Center Sagittarius, Alexander Yakimenko, Inga Kirilyuk, Kiev, 2015 
  • Certified course on personnel assessment tools Hogan, Andrey Stanchenko, Kiev, 2015, 2017
  • Training of Trainers, Andrey Stanchenko, Leonid Bogdanov, Irina Litvin, Zoya Zinovieva, Kiev, 2015.
  • Training program “Application of associative cards in psychotherapy and counseling», Natalia Rubel, Kiev, 2016 
  • Workshop «Business coaching. Opening genius», Myles Downey, Kiev, 2016.
  • Training «Leadership and Coaching», Myles Downеy, Kiev, 2017.
  • Participation in the International conferences on psychology and psychotherapy, International and All-Ukrainian festivals on psychotherapy.

Career summary:

2015 to now – business-coach, consultant, psychologist NRG (NewRealGoal) (

2016 г. – Co-organiser the Center of psychology and education LOViDA

2010-2015 – Intelligence Officer

Corporate customers:

Zentiva (Sanofi), UMG (United Mineral Group), Велика Кишеня, PepsiCo, Добробут, Interpipe, Kernel, Humana, restaurant «Garo», UkrBorg, ШвидкоГроші.


Articles and interviews:

  • “How to be a driver during the holidays” – a video interview for First Business Channel in the program “Business Morning”, June 2016
  • “Do as I do” works better than “Do as I said!” – Interview for the journal “Academy of Hospitality”, December №6 (35) 2016; 
  • “Art psychology for serious people” – journal-training “Koleso Zhizni”, №1-2 2017 “Joy of a clean sheet”;
  • “Life-affirming history” – journal-training “Koleso Zhizni”, № 5 017 “Values. Exchange of wealth”