Future literacy for Business
Follow-up of Peace and Justice Conference in Denmark
May 25, 2023 at 3 PM CET

For whom will this event be most useful?

– strategic session facilitators,
– HR specialists,
– vision and decision makers,
– professionals actively shaping their career trajectory;
– Any interested in Future literacy practices.

Why come?

Is the vision of my company’s future success also my personal success?

Do I come true while I make my company’s dreams come true? Do I even have dreams about my business or only goals?

How to build a vision and strategy for your business, where each team member realizes their desired future and can experience belonging and the strength of the community?

How to distinguish lasting present from future. What is emergent and desired Future. That is what the Future literacy teaches. The Literacy, which is considered critical in the 21st century, is included in the programs not only of corporate training but also of progressive Scandinavian schools and universities because these countries have relied on human capital.

The approach combines instruments and knolege that allow you to “jump” out of the usual patterns of thinking and create a map of the company’s movement not from the limited past to the future that follows from it, but from the present to the desired future.
In my master class, I will briefly present the main points of this approach in strategizing and how they are applied in the business field, review the workshops and ideas presented at the conference, and conduct a practical part on one of the tools.

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College annually brings together the best masters from around the world for a conference to pass on to its students the best practices how can we “empower people to respond to the challenges of our time.”

At this Peace Justice Conference 2023, held in Denmark on May 5-7, my Mentoring Academy team will share our best practices and learn from the other masters of Future literacy from around the world.

Who is the Speaker

Nataliya Starodub

An expert in the field of evidence-pedagogy, Life-long and Life-wide Learning.

Active Ambassador of the Ideas about living healthy systems, where the success, joy and good are connected.

For more than 20 years is the leader of the DREVA educational space. Here adults are trained in the authorship of their lives; active realization  and promotion of their projects and companies; dealing with uncertainty and volatility; dialog, solidarity and cooperation with different.

Author and CEO of the private elementary school Gnyazdo and Mentoring Academy;

Studied Future Literacy in Navigator’s school from Meteversitet;

was the ideological inspirer, the leader of the team of organizers and the facilitator of Belarusian national foresight “Education of the Future” in 2017, for the managers off private and public schools;

Organizing and training leader of the Laboria “The image of the desired future of school education” in 2019 year, gathered more than 200 representatives of all groups of stakeholders;

And also in a private manner, conducts strategic sessions for business owners on the topic of transformation under crisis conditions.



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