It is clear that now Ukraine is much larger than its borders.

The NRG team and many other Ukrainian companies have gone global.

Our remote team is getting stronger because we are connected by something stronger than just physical space.

These 18 tracks of the music mix are dedicated to all Ukrainians of the world and our 18 NRG points on the map.
But our biggest point remains and always will be in Ukraine.

There are:
NRG dissemination
NRG diversification
NRG decentralization

That’s why we can speak different languages.

  1. Cherry Garden - Serge Proshe, July Vitraniuk
  2. Hidden Forest - Alex Alcocer
  3. Kante - Basaar
  4. There for me - Marsh
  5. Upside down - Makebo
  6. Matangi - Amonita
  7. Garun - Urmet K ft. Iveta
  8. Endless Skies - Rowee & Bona Fide
  9. Tuti Roy - Rosenfeld
  10. Omerar - Nanda feat. Elif Kaya
  11. Garden - MI.LA
  12. Distance - JackLNDN
  13. Zeca Veloso - Todo Homem
  14. Nostalgee - Somelee
  15. Belief - Makebo
  16. Nuwe Reen - Ben Tov & Gerry Liberty
  17. Promise Me - Mass Digital
  18. Lait de Coco - 2 Wurzelholz
  19. Scarby - Nightfall

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