Influencing without Authority
December 14, 2023 at 15:00 CET

The workshop goals are

1. To explain why the most commonly used approaches to Influencing can have limited impact.

2. To understand the benefits of a variety of alternative approaches.

3. To apply learning to the current Influence challenges to achieve more effective results.

What are we going to talk about?

- Understand the difference between Power and Influence.

- Consider Push vs Pull approaches to Influence.

- Determine different tactics of Influence.

- Identify usage of Ethos/ Logos/ Pathos.

- Consider the broader context surrounding an Influence challenge.

- Review approaches to current Influence challenges and plan more effective approaches.

Who are invited to attend:

  • - HR and L&D
  • - Managers
  • - Founders
  • + Anyone whose work involves interaction with others.

About the speaker

Norman Grimes

Experienced trainer and facilitator who delivers a variety of leadership, team and self-development programmes.

Professional mission: «I want to help others increase their potential through releasing their natural talents». Delivered training programmes in over 30 countries, among the clients there are such companies as Abbott, AbbVie, Sharp, Novartis, Oxgene, Suntory and many others.