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Julia Kriventsova. Corporate psychologist, HR expert, emotional intelligence expert, facilitator, business coach


• 18 years of practical experience in conducting educational consulting projects in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries.

• Experience in developing and implementing comprehensive programs for the development and training of managers and employees of organizations, conducting strategic sessions and master classes, projects for personnel assessment and personnel consulting.

• Successful experience, confirmed by references from clients, projects for international and domestic companies in the field of manufacturing, premium retail, e-commerce, banking, HoReCA, services of various directions and B to B companies, as well as international NGOs.

and government organizations, in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Polish languages.


  • Team sessions
  • Strategic sessions
  • Market and customer research sessions
  • Team building and interaction
  • Reflection on results and experiences
  • Emotional regulation and stress management, conflict management
  • Determining team values ​​
  • Planning actions and setting goals
  • Team research (strengths, features of communication, motivation, values)
  • Psychological counseling in the organization
  • Education
  • Management Skills
  • Communication and effective fees
  • Discussion and problem solving
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Team Integration and Collaboration
  • Creativity Skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management, self-regulation and anti-burnout
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Facilitation Tools
  • Assessment technologies in AC/DC in an organization
  • Creative sessions and problem solving sessions
  • Creativity tools (Cynefin Framework complexity management, LEGOSP, etc.)
  • General discussion and problem solving, reaching consensus
  • Business simulations and business games
  • Organizational optimization
  • Creation of descriptions of competency and value models
  • Study and transformation of organizational culture
  • 360 degree evaluation tools; AC\DC, psychological diagnostics (Accent, Sondi, Ketel, Mill) – reverse and interpretation