Miia NRG Trainer

Miia Tanskanen

Miia Tanskanen is a seasoned Leadership Coach and Trainer, known for her expertise as an Organizational Developer, Communication and Learning Specialist, and Facilitator of Strategic Business Development Processes.

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Miia brings practical insights and hands-on skills to her role. Her multifaceted approach encompasses leadership coaching, organizational development, and strategic facilitation, making her a versatile asset to any team.

Miia’s dedication to professional growth and her ability to drive meaningful change have earned her acclaim in both local and international spheres.

Educational Background

  • MA in Languages And Communication
  • Master’s Degree in Education, Pedagogical Studies for Teachers
  • University courses in Professional Development: Leadership, Business Management, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Sociology

Professional Background

  • Working as CEO of B2B Services for over 20 years, leading a multicultural team
  • Corporate Coaching and  Training Experience for  27 years
  • Active member of the Finnish Association for Human Resource Management and Talent Development: Head of Professional Learning network in Finland

Areas of Expertise & Projects

  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Change management and Change Facilitation
  • Communication and Emotional Intelligence in Business: Team Empowerment, Employee Experience and Customer Experience
  • Strategic Development and Learning
  • Developing a Culture of Innovation and Creation

Focus Industries

  • B2B Services
  • Tech Industry / SaaS
  • Engineering / Product Development
  • Production
  • Financial services & Banking
  • Health Care
  • Government offices