Our team

New Real Goal (NRG) is a vibrant international learning company dedicated to enabling robust learning ecosystems for corporate and public sector clients. Established in 2007, the NRG concept focuses on meeting the growing needs of multinational companies, expanding its reach to a broader European audience since 2020.

Our strategic approach involves forming partnerships with educational institutions, corporate training departments, and edtech platforms. We develop personalized learning packages for diverse industries, provide live demonstrations, conduct training workshops, and actively participate in industry events and digital marketing to showcase our unique learning approach.

Andrii Stanchenko

CEO, Business Trainer

Andrii  Stanchenko stands at the helm of NRG as its CEO and founder, bringing a distinguished 20-year track record in learning and development (L&D), human resources (HR), and organisational development. Celebrated as a business trainer and executive coach, he has facilitated strategic sessions and lectured at business schools. His prowess in leadership training is marked by his consecutive wins in the Leadership Trainers Battle from 2018 to 2020. A sought-after speaker, he shares his insights at international HR conferences and corporate summits, contributing to the discourse on global talent development.

Anhelina Leshak

Lead Project Coordinator

Anhelina Leshak, Lead Coordinator at NewRealGoal, is commended for her strategic project management skills. Her leadership is instrumental in the seamless delivery of initiatives, nurturing a culture of excellence. With a keen strategic vision and innovative problem-solving abilities, Anhelina significantly contributes to the organisation’s achievements. Her dedication to tangible, measurable objectives underscores her dynamic leadership approach. Anhelina is crucial in navigating NewRealGoal towards new successes, optimising team performance and reinforcing her impactful role within the organisation.


For academia and the public sector, we tailor offerings to cater to project management and consortium needs, incorporating specialized content as required. Our goal is to underscore our innovative learning methods, showcase their effectiveness, and foster strategic alliances to broaden our market presence.

Ringo Gossler

Leadership & Team Trainer

Ringo Gossler is an experienced executive and team trainer who specializes in designing practical and enjoyable workshops.

Over his 29-year career, he enjoyed working with individuals from various industries across 65 countries, helping them develop their leadership, team-building, mindfulness, resilience, and sales skills.

Branka van der Linden

Corporate Governance & Compliance Trainer

Branka van der Linden consults and works closely with startups, leads numerous projects and believes the success of the business lies in high ethics and integrity. 

She is an entrepreneur with background in compliance, anti-corruption and anti-fraud, with over 15 years experience in Anti-money Laundering, Corporate Governance and Risks.

Olena Yelisieieva

Talent Development Coach and Trainer

Olena Yelisieieva is partner of NewRealGoal training and consulting. She is business-trainer, executive coach and psychotherapist.

She has 20+ years of corporate experience in both Ukrainian and multinational companies. She is one of the top-trainers on Relational Intelligence and Leadership Development in Ukraine.

Having extensive background in the corporate business world, she applies action coaching by masterfully mixing the depth of psychology tools and psychotherapy methods with drive of business coaching.

Mika Vincheuski

Corporate Trainer

Mika’s Mission is to make the world a better place through better Leadership.

As an Executive Coach, Mika Vincheuski supports CEOs and their teams to become more effective and to reach better results.

He delivered workshops on Leadership, Management, and High-Performance at different global conferences.

Natalia Sheremeta

Organizational Coach (WIAP) Certified Trainer

Natalia Sheremeta is an organizational Coach (WIAP), certified Business Trainer, L&D expert with more than 10 years
experience, Hogan & PI Assessor & Coach. Motivated professional with extensive experience supporting people performance and productivity through targeted strategy and programs delivering.

Wellbeing and Resilience expert for people and organizations!

Resourceful and well-organised with excellent leadership and team-building record.

Norman Grimes

Personal Development Trainer

Norman Grimes boasts 25 years of diverse managerial expertise in areas such as Manufacturing, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Customer Support, and HR. Widely recognized for crafting and delivering highly impactful development programs, his influence spans from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Norman’s global footprint extends across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, making him a seasoned professional capable of driving transformative change and growth.

Marina Ivanenko

Business Trainer & Coach

Marina Ivanenko has 15 years of experience as a Business Trainer and Coach.

The Training programs vary between short and multi-session programs for smaller and international companies.

Her expertise includes running development and HR corporate projects, designing and introducing performance management and succession planning processes, shifting corporate culture and altering corporate cultures in mergers and acquisitions, and leading executive coaching programs.

Anton Savochka

Highly Skilled Business Trainer

Anton Savochka is a highly skilled business trainer, management consultant, and game technician with over a decade of experience.

As a versatile professional, he excels in providing business training, management consulting, individual and group coaching, and facilitating management teams and strategic sessions.

Additionally, Anton specializes in designing and conducting business games, simulations, and personnel assessments.

Olla Jongerious

Expert in DEI

Olla Jongerious was raised in New Zealand and educated in Europe with a wealth of experience is an expert in DEI, Learning and Development, training, coaching, mentoring, facilitation, community building, and C-level corporate management, and has hands-on experience in working and living in 8 countries.

Yevgen Borodkin

Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Yevgen Borodkin is a trainer, coach and consultant.

He has 30 years of accumulated experience in workplace communication, public speaking, storytelling for business, and presentation strategies at blue-chip companies, such as SONY, Ericsson, and SAP, as well as experience of teaching at universities in the USA and Germany.

The NRG team, composed of highly skilled business-game moderators, trainers, facilitators, coaches, and methodologists, specializes in the field of corporate training and talent development assessment. This wide scope of expertise enables us to simultaneously undertake and efficiently execute large-scale learning and development initiatives.