Use of storytelling in software development

How to use storytelling to improve product design and collaboration within teams.

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Many companies focus on using storytelling to craft a story for their customers — a story that is used for marketing purposes.

However, storytelling should also be used as a strategic tool to bring together teams and stakeholders throughout the entire product development process to create an accurate and consistent shared vision of the product story. This way teams will not be lost in details, and discussions about features and functions will have a reliable and consistent frame of reference.

Using storytelling techniques can help teams avoid increasing budgets, extending timelines, getting frustrated from being stuck, and failing to focus enough energy on real user needs.

The program goals are

1. To master storytelling techniques and principles of building narratives

2. To learn to apply storytelling techniques in everyday development process

Storytelling techniques enable teams to create engaging user stories that foster empathy and a customer-centric mindset. This way teams will have a much clearer understanding of how their product is going to impact the life of its users.

By constructing captivating narratives around project goals, challenges, and opportunities, team members develop a deeper connection with the project and each other.

What training modules are included in this program

1. Story and storytelling: fundamentals

2. Creating a relatable story

3. Applying storytelling to software development process

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