Using Danish way of Leadership Abroad
How to get the quite uniqe approach working in other countries and cultures?
July 13, 2023 at 3 PM CET

For whom will this event be most useful?

🔹 For team leaders
🔹 For company owners
🔹 For managers
🔹 For those who train staff in companies

Why come?

Sofie Hammerskov has extensive experience in applying principles from Danish or Scandinavian leadership in organisations abroad, with great results.

🔹 But what is Danish Way of Leadership, and why is so special and popular?

🔹 And how to get some of the principles working in an other country and culture?

🔹 What results could you expect seeing, what differences it makes realising huge potential in your organisation.

Sofie has during the last 20 years worked and lived in Eastern and Central Europe, in Africa and has base in Denmark.

Who is the Speaker


Danish Management and Manufacturing Engineer – specialized in Leadership, Change mangement and organizational empowerment. Experience from production industries, agriculture, service, it, banking and pharma companies.

- Extensive expereince from Scandinavia, East and Central Europe and Africa.

- (Speaks Danish, English and a little Ukrainian)


🔹 Using DANISH WAY OF LEADERSHIP principles in companies and organisations ABROAD.

🔹 As well as Leadership and management TRAININGS – the Danish Way.

🔹 Implementing LEAN CULTURE AND TOOLS in different companies – increasing efficiency, innovation and work satisfaction and empowerment.

🔹 Using NUDGING AND BEHAVIORAL DESIGN PRINCIPLES in how to guide and motivate people to do the right thing, in processes, in operations, in sales.

🔹 FACILITATING all kind of different workshops for companies, such as strategy workshops, value workshops, innovation workshops, structure workshops, team creating workshops.

🔹 Also TRAIN THE TRAINER TRAININGS in facilitation.

🔹 Certified in DISC PROFILE ANALYSES for personal development as well as team and organizational development.

🔹 Trainings in DISTANCE MANAGEMENT AND WORK LIFE, how to get the cooperation working online on distance.


🔹 SPARRING with top and middle management about how to develop their organization, and other leadership matters.