Leadership communication and enabling human connection

How to be an engaging, convincing, inspiring, and empathetic communicator

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Leadership communication is frequently interpreted as passing information downwards to keep the organization up-to-date about the decisions made and the resulting course of action.

This interpretation may be damaging and fail to motivate, inspire, and empower. Also, it seldom responds to the employees’ needs and desires. Finally, it fails to maintain honesty and transparency.

However, if leadership communication is not only downward and directive, but also reciprocal, expressive and empathetic, it goes a long way.

The program goals are

1. To master communication styles that are meaningful, authentic, and credible

2. To learn how to present data to a non-peer audience in a format that is easy to understand

3. To use storytelling to explain, inspire, and lead

What training modules are included in this program

1. Communicating for impact

2. Data storytelling

3. Narratives and how they work

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