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Corporate Training and Development

The international NRG team is a creative talent development hub: you are most welcome to meet our business trainers, game-based learning professionals, consultants, facilitators, coaches, assessment experts, motivational speakers, psychotherapists.

We strive to be an innovative partner and advisor for corporate learning and development: we offer multifaceted and multichannel services, both offline and online, in blended and microlearning formats. 

We are passionate about helping our clients create personalized development trajectories using a variety of tools. Exposure to international best practices, cutting-edge approaches and a diverse professional team – that’s what helped us to implement multiple T&D projects for different industries.

We understand that each company is unique in its structure and goals. That is why we offer tailored complex solutions keeping in mind your specific needs.


Embark on a transformative educational journey with NRG (New Real Goal). Our mission is to pioneer change through cutting-edge blended learning and game-based solutions, crafting immersive experiences that redefine how people learn in both corporate and public sectors. At NRG, we are dedicated to driving educational evolution since our establishment in 2007 and expanding our influence across a broader European audience since 2020.


Envision a future where NRG stands as a global leader in reshaping learning paradigms. We aspire to be at the forefront of educational innovation, leaving an indelible mark on corporate and public sectors, and setting new standards for engaging and effective learning experiences.


Meet the powerhouse behind NRG – a team of skilled business-game moderators, trainers, facilitators, coaches, and methodologists. This dynamic ensemble enables us to seamlessly implement large-scale learning and development projects. Passionate about organizational strategy, our team specializes in key areas such as Change Management, Decision Making, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication.


At NRG, we embrace values that define our commitment to excellence:

– Novelty and Innovation: We are trend hunters, actively participating in the latest developments through multidisciplinary conferences, publications, and public discussions.

– Integration through Customization: Our games seamlessly integrate into various formats, offering tailor-made solutions aligned with the unique needs and goals of your company.

– Growth through Partnerships: Your growth is our goal. Remaining adaptable and focused, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.

Strategic Approach

Our strategic approach involves forging partnerships with educational institutions, corporate training departments, and edtech platforms. We develop personalized learning packages for diverse industries, showcase our unique learning approach through live demonstrations and workshops, and actively participate in industry events and digital marketing to share our vision and expertise.

Join us at NRG as we redefine education, foster innovation, and build strategic alliances to shape the future of learning.

Business Games And Game-Based Online Solutions

Don’t force your employees to work. Suggest them to play instead. Games are powerful tools for problem-solving in any business. If you haven’t practiced game-based approach at your company before, you may want to try. And we can help with creating game-based solutions for your L&D needs.

Online Education/Training Courses

We create online courses and video training products for leaders and employees. The range of offerings is regularly updated with the new solutions. Besides we create custom-made video training courses for specific needs of your company.

HOGAN Assessment

International reputable system of personality assessment for business purposes.

Hogan’s scientific, well-researched products help to predict workplace performance and leadership potential in a valid and reliable way.

Also we offer other methods for company development or operational improvement: strategy sessions, consulting, and coaching.

Strategy Session

An effective format of group meetings for the company employees: owners, executives, managers, key employees, or for all of them. During the meeting,the participants come up with the decisions which will help their business grow. Strategy sessions are great tools for facing and solving critical challenges of your business.

Solutions ↓

Training programs for leaders and employees. A range of tools helps master multiple skills, gain new knowledge, and form useful habits for better results. Each product can be adapted for real-life processes of the client’s company.

The topics we cover in our trainings:

  • Management/executive development
  • Leadership competencies  
  • Change management
  • Building a TOP-team
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills, sales techniques, negotiations mastery
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Competency development: strategic/systematic/creative thinking
  • Training for trainers

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