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January 26, 2023 / 3 PM CET:

Svitlana Savchuk — business trainer, facilitator, mediator, official training partner for European Business Association (EBA)


  1. What is meant by feedback
  2. Neuro-leadership about brain activation when feedback
  3. Ground rules for giving feedback
  4. Art of asking for feedback

Workshop could broaden up the understanding of feedback as a tool, sharpen up the frame of process of giving feedback and open up the minds for ideas of asking for feedback

Let me introduce NRG

NewRealGoal company

With us, our clients create individual development trajectories for their Executives and staff using both training and non-training tools.

Our team is made of TOP business trainers, consultants, facilitators, coaches, game-based training specialists, speakers, psychotherapists, and the creative team of the educational and methodological hub.

We maintain flexibility in choosing the toolbox and achieving results because we rely on our practical experience and trends in global markets. This is especially important during these turbulent times when the world is changing drastically every second.

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Take the power of Ukraine into business to be ready for any war


Our clients

Team of trainers

Andrey Stanchenko

Vice-president of the Association of Consultants

Olena Yeliseeva

Business trainer,
business coach,

Anton Savochkao

Business trainer, coach, facilitator, game-based training specialist, management consultant

Marina Ivanenko

International business trainer, organizational development consultant, coach

Igor Biednyi

Business-trainer, learning consultant, facilitator,

Nataliya Averina

Business trainer, facilitator, Assessment specialist,

Tõnis Mutt

Digital Refugee Rewiring Pundit
Expat & Executive Coach
LinkedIn Whisperer

Elena Nikolskaya

Business coach,

Svitlana Savchuk

Business trainer, Facilitator, Mediator, Official training partner for European Business Association (EBA)

Inna Saxe

Licensed trainer in the course UGL — Understanding Group and Leader created by the Swedish National Defense Academy and in the international certificate programme Radical Collaboration.

Julia Kriventsova

Corporate psychologist, HR expert, emotional intelligence expert, facilitator, business coach

Customer reviews

Vodafone confirms the high professionalism of NRG, an individual approach to work and the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to new conditions. ​
Given the positive experience in several of our projects, we can recommend NRG as a reliable partner. We look forward to our further fruitful cooperation.
Arcelor Мittal
We recommend NRG as a consulting company with a high level of strategic sessions and strategic business planning consulting. We are satisfied and will be back.
The transfer of coaching experience from NRG is unique, as it is not a simple transfer of methodology or the improvement of public speaking skills, but a radical analysis.
kernel 1clients
Thanks to the professionalism of the trainer and an integrated approach in preparing for the trainings, the objectives of the training were achieved. Managers have gotten better. ​
As a result of the training, 24 managers expanded their arsenal with effective connections of emotional intelligence with project management tools to achieve results.

Take the power of Ukraine into business, to be ready for any war


Learn how to remain optimistic and believe in victory, but insure against the harsh reality?

Ukrainian lessons on running the wartime business

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