Game dedicated to teamwork and achievement of a common goal

Welcome to Happy City, where game-based learning meets real-world results. Our interactive and engaging program empowers your teams with the skills they need to excel in today’s competitive business landscape. Discover how Happy City can benefit your clients, users, and your company as a whole.

Benefits for Companies

1. Enhanced Teamwork:
Happy City fosters a culture of collaboration and strengthens team bonds and motivation, resulting in more harmonious and effective teams.

2. Effective Communication:
Participants improve their communication skills, leading to better team dynamics and productivity.

3. Strategic Thinking:
Our program cultivates strategic thinking, helping your teams make informed decisions.

4. Innovation and Experimentation:
Encourage creative solutions and experimentation within a safe and supportive environment.

5. Active Engagement:
Happy City inspires active engagement in problem-solving and decision-making.

Benefits for Users

1. Skill Development:
Users gain valuable skills in teamwork, negotiation, strategic thinking, and risk assessment.

2. Engaging Learning Experience:
Our program provides an immersive and enjoyable learning experience.

3. Social Interaction:
Happy City fosters social interaction, improving relationships and interpersonal skills.

4. Problem-Solving:
Challenge participants to think critically and solve complex problems.

5. Competition with a Purpose:
Balance competitiveness with a focus on collective success.

Strategic thinking


Communication with partners

Qualitative analysis of the situation

Consideration of risks


in person


Nature of Interaction

in person:

Tactile and hands-on with 3D printed objects


Screen-based and digital interaction

Game Environment

in person:

Physical, with tangible objects and city model


Virtual, on screens and gaming platform

Discussion and Strategy

in person:

Zoned spaces for teams with designated tables


Video conference rooms for discussions

Communication and Collaboration

in person:

Cross-team communication facilitated by special tables


Virtual rooms for negotiation and strategy discussions

Game Centerpiece

in person:

City model is the focal point at the end of each round


Online platform with video conference rooms

Emphasis on

in person:

Real-world interaction and physicality


Digital interactions and online platform

what the game looks like

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