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Soft Skills Training Programs For IT Companies In 2024

At NRG we are ready to adapt a training program to a specific company’s request. Our goal is to solve the organization’s problem with the help of employee training and development. This approach has shown highest efficiency over the 15 years of our work on the international market.

We have selected the best soft skills training programs that are relevant right now and will be relevant in the near future. The programs are constantly updated and supplemented based on the experience of working with the companies in different industries around the world.

Formats: Online, in-person, hybrid with both online + in-person (when the part of the company is physically present and the other part is connected remotely).

Forms of training. Microlearning, blended learning, webinars, courses, training sessions. There are also options when participants take the course remotely, and after that we conduct a training session or a workshop to consolidate the material.

Who might benefit from corporate training?

Various stakeholders can benefit from corporate training, including employees seeking skill enhancement, businesses aiming to improve productivity, and leaders aiming for organizational growth.

Current Programs

Workplace communication for leaders

Leadership communication is frequently interpreted as passing information downwards to keep the organization up-to-date about the decisions made and the resulting course of action

Use of storytelling in software development

Using storytelling techniques can help teams avoid increasing budgets, extending timelines, getting frustrated from being stuck, and failing to focus enough energy on real user needs.

Effective meetings

Both online and face-to-face meetings often share similar problems, such as lack of engagement with the topic, lack of focus, or inefficient use of media.

Bridging Horizons - Crafting Accessible and Inclusive Products in Engineering, including AI

In this dynamic workshop, dive deep into the realms of accessibility and inclusivity in product and service design, with a special focus on the intersection with AI

What Is Emotional Inteligence and Why It Matters

Emotional Intelligence: what does it mean in practice? EI skills.

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