Resonate and Rise: Unveiling the Impact of Cognitive Bias
January 25, 2024 at 15:00 CET

Participants will gain valuable insights into overcoming the challenges that arise when we become anchored in a singular perspective. This fixation can often hinder our ability to approach problems from different angles, limiting our capacity for creative and innovative solutions. While stubbornness can be a factor, more frequently, the root cause lies in unconscious bias.

By participating in our event, attendees can develop an awareness of these unconscious judgments. This newfound understanding empowers to avoid harmful stereotyping and discriminatory practices in both business dealings and collaborations with others.

What are we going to talk about?

-Unmasking Unconscious Bias

-Deconstructing Cognitive Anchors

-The Role of Leadership in Bias Mitigation

-Practical Implementation Strategies

Who are invited to attend:

  • - Trainers
  • - Mentors
  • - Facilitators
  • - Coaches
  • - HR Managers
  • - Team Leaders
  • - People & Culture Managers

About the speaker

Branka van der Linden

Branka van der Linden is the founder of Meaningful Synergies, Holistic Business Consulting, Training & Events company.

As a visionary founder, entrepreneur, accomplished bestselling author, master facilitator, franchise owner, and co-creator of the “Speak Up concept,” her innovative thinking and problem-solving skills have shaped organizatons worldwide.

Her unwavering commitment to integrity is the cornerstone of her success.